story of josh yaleI started My Grill Guy in 2014 after serving in the United States Air Force for 10 years as a flight-line mechanic. While in the military, I obtained my Associates Degree in Applied Science and Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management. I’ve been awarded numerous awards while in the Military, including 2013 Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year, two Commendation Medals, and one Achievement Medal.

While being deployed overseas, I came across a Small Business Opportunities magazine, where I found the BBQ Cleaner opportunity. Still two years out from being able to separate from the military, I stashed away the magazine and continued on my military duty, but not forgetting the future opportunities that interested me.

Two years later, the time came to make the decision to leave the military and start a new chapter in life. The choice to leave the military after 10 years was not an easy one, but after experiencing multiple deployments and many missed birthdays, my wife and I decided it was time to make some life changes. After living in New Mexico for almost five years, our family moved to Fort Worth, Texas, a place we never lived before.  I had a hard decision to make, to try to start my own business, or to go work in the corporate world. My dream, though like most others, was to own a business and be my own boss.  I remembered the BBQ Cleaner business opportunity that I had read about years prior and immediately knew what I was going to do. Now was the time and I was ready to take that leap of faith and live the American Dream.

My wife and I knew The BBQ Cleaner business was an ideal fit for us.  My wife and I have been focused on this business and we are growing stronger than we could have ever dreamed of. After just six months, we had to expand to multiple units to keep up with the demand as our clients didn’t like hearing it would take us six weeks to get them an appointment. We have built a business that we will be doing for the next 40 years!