Building a successful cleaning business takes hard work and determination, but most importantly, a plan. The BBQ Cleaner has helped ordinary people achieve their dream of self-sufficiency by introducing them to a business plan that has been proven to work. These proud business owners have proved that a drive to succeed and the right strategy are all that’s needed to make a cleaning business successful.

Read our list of BBQ Cleaner reviews or take a look at how The BBQ Cleaner turnkey business opportunity has helped these happy entrepreneurs in the success stories below:

Greg Borrosch

Upstate Grill Cleaning – A BBQ Cleaner Business

Hear from one of our nationwide operators & the story of his BBQ Cleaner Business

Story of Fred Chase

Fred Chase

I grew up in Northern California and moved to Las Vegas after high school. I was doing various jobs for years here but I’ve always been attracted to owning my own business. I was always impressed with people who owned their own business. I got started with The BBQ Cleaner...

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story of josh yale

Josh Yale

I started My Grill Guy in 2014 after serving in the United States Air Force for 10 years as a flight-line mechanic. While in the military, I obtained my Associates Degree in Applied Science and Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management. I’ve been awarded numerous awards while in the Military, including 2013 Non-Commissioned...

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Story of Netta Rapuano

Netta Rapuano

I have been a business owner on and off for most of my adult life. I like the challenge of running a business and of course the income is great.  For me, owning a business in the past has always been more like a hobby. But recently things have changed....

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Additional Stories

You guys really made a dream come true. I always wanted in the worst way to own my own business. You made it a reality....

Karl Bork

- Miami BBQ Cleaning, Pembroke Pines, FL

“This has been totally unbelievable for me and my family. I thought my expectations might be too high when I started, but it wasn’t long...

Bart Thomson

- Bart's Grill Cleaning, Cherry Hill, NJ

“We've been doing this here for almost five years now and never in a million years thought it would take off as it has for...

Kevin Chavez

- Acme Grill Cleaning, Phoenix, AZ