Story of Netta RapuanoI have been a business owner on and off for most of my adult life. I like the challenge of running a business and of course the income is great.  For me, owning a business in the past has always been more like a hobby. But recently things have changed.

Two years ago, I began a relationship with someone that has two sons, one of which is special needs and goes to a very expensive private school.  We’ve since gotten engaged and my fiancee and I were thinking of part-time jobs to help with the extra expenses.  But after discussing it further we wanted something that provided income, flexibility, and could be something that our son could get involved in when he got older. Living in Texas, The BBQ Cleaner was a no-brainer.

The BBQ Cleaner has been great from the beginning. I saw their advertisement in a small business magazine and took the leap. And I’m glad we did.

The overhead for the business is extremely low and the demand is high, making for very good profit margins. It is hard work though, I’m not going to lie.  My customers frequently comment on “how hard I’m working” but the hard work is worth it to me. I love being my own boss!