Successful BBQ Cleaning Franchise Reviews

The BBQ Cleaner has helped over 260 new business owners launch their own grill cleaning businesses and become financially independent. Our package gives you everything that you need to start your own grill cleaning business, including in-depth training at your location and all the equipment that you need to get started.

Find out why our successful grill cleaners are so happy with their new businesses by reading these BBQ Cleaner reviews.

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The BBQ Cleaner business opportunity can be run by anyone willing to put the work in. A one-time investment buys you a tried and tested business in a box. All the equipment you’ll need to get started are included, a well as in-depth training and a proven manual that will reinforce what you have learnt over the first year of opening your business. 


“The kit and trailer have everything you need to get started. The manual is easy to follow and has great pictures to show you what you need to do. Once you learn the cleaning process, it is easy to follow.”

  • Rick Buch, Rick’s Grill Cleaning, Dallas Center, IA


I thought the training manual was very in-depth, detailed and contains plenty of resourceful information. As this is my first time starting a business, you guys have made it so much easier for me.

  • Robert Andrade, Island BBQ Lab, Kihei, HI

Many of our customers have started out with a single-unit business, serving their local neighbourhood, and soon found that demand for their service was enough to warrant hiring more hands and expanding to multiple units. Our turnkey business opportunity gives you the freedom to stay solo or create a grill cleaning empire of your own. 


This really is a great turnkey operation for a home-based business. There were no surprises starting up, everything happened exactly as promised.


In just two years, I have 620 clients and my business grows, even more, every single month. I’ve even had a wait for clients to get an appointment with me over a month. It’s been incredible.


After just six months, we had to expand to multiple units to keep up with the demand as our clients didn’t like hearing it would take us six weeks to get them an appointment. We have built a business that we will be doing for the next 40 years!

Our support doesn’t stop with your on-site training. We’ll give you everything you need to organise, manage and market your business so that you have clear processes in place to reach, engage and convert new customers. The marketing materials we use have been proven to work time and time again, leading to packed schedules and hundreds of happy customers!


Within four days of running my first advertisement, I was booked up for weeks in advance. This has gone better than I ever dreamed it could..


From the moment I started working with them, it has been a total dream come true. They truly have cared about my business from day one and have been right there with me along every single step of this incredible journey.

  • Bill Fullerton, Que Crew Grill Cleaning, Bellefonte, PA


Our family has so much gratitude to what The BBQ Cleaner did for us. We had a great feeling it was going to go well, but we could have never imagined in a million years it would have gone this well. Thank you so much all you have done.

No ongoing fees means exactly that. You pay one upfront fee for all your equipment, training, marketing materials and resources – that’s it! No monthly fees. No commission. No percentage creamed off the top to a franchisor. Every single penny you make is yours – from the first job to the last. Get the satisfaction of truly owning your business with no strings attached or corporate ladder. 


The BBQ Cleaner was such a simple choice, we keep every single dollar we make. Why would anyone ever want to throw money away to a franchisor when they could keep every dollar they make for themselves and their family?


I was quickly attracted to the no on-going fees and the high success rate it had encountered not just in the US, but globally. I did a tremendous amount of due-diligence and quickly discovered the opportunity I was hoping to find was right in front of my eyes.


I could only have dreamed of having this many happy satisfied clients that use me over and over again. They refer me to friends and family all the time. The fact that I keep 100 percent of what I make really has made this a grand slam for me.

We’ll provide you with in-depth, hands-on training so that you’re 100% ready to clean grills like a pro and start making your new clients happy. There’s no need to travel, as The BBQ Cleaner will come directly to you and walk you step-by-step through the processes that will be the building blocks of your future success.


I had the hands-on training five weeks ago which was excellent and I am already booked out with jobs for the entire month. I couldn’t have even dreamed it would go this well! Why didn’t I find you guys sooner?


The onsite training has given me the insight to go forward with my business and make it successful quicker than if had I tried it alone. It just takes the guesswork out of it. What I have learned has given me the confidence to completely clean grills that would please any client.


The BBQ Cleaner came to where we are to provide their business launch training and it really helped get us to where we are today.

  • Noel Martinez, Howell, NJ

Over 260 successful business owners have proven the effectiveness of our system. Best of all, these grill cleaners are finding job satisfaction whilst they’re providing their families with a profitable business that can be built on for years to come. These people work hard and are rewarded for their efforts with a truly competitive income. 


The BBQ Cleaner gave me everything I needed to live my dream of being a successful business owner. I am so thankful for what this has done my family. I really can’t thank you enough!


When I found The BBQ Cleaner I was immediately attracted to not only what they could offer my future, but also the amount of success they have had. It just felt like such a natural fit and my only regret is not discovering The BBQ Cleaner years earlier.


The biggest satisfaction is when you are done cleaning a grill. You never get tired of people saying how great their grill looks after you are finished.

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