Correct. You keep 100% of what you make. This is one of the critical reasons why this business has worked for operators. Franchisors normally have you pay them an ongoing royalty, cutting into your hard-earned money. With The BBQ Cleaner, you keep every single dollar you make!

Yes, our incredible training program will occur at your location. We will help to make sure you are about to embark on the road to success. We receive tremendous feedback on our comprehensive training program and that it played a beneficial role in our operator’s success.

After we have trained you on how to clean various brands of barbecues there really is very little need for on-going support from us.

It would be unfair to have you pay a royalty to us for support that you really don’t need.

But if questions do come up you will receive support from us at no charge.

We’re here to help you make sure you are maximizing your business’s potential.

You create your own brand in your market. You are entitled to market your business by using our registered trademark and state that you are an “Authorized Technician of The BBQ Cleaner” at no cost to you. We just ask that we review and approve any use of our trademark in advance.

You may also use our registered trademark “Because You Don’t Want To Do it” if you wish at no cost to you.

You might have seen The BBQ Cleaner featured on as well as other nationwide publications. It would be a tremendous asset for your business to be associated with a proven barbecue cleaning system that has been founded in 1994 and supports 150 locations in the United States alone.

Yes. They are your customers so you control them and keep track of your own clients. They will call and contact you directly. We receive emails every day here in our corporate headquarters from people all over the country wanting their BBQ’s cleaned. When we get emails from people in your area, we will pass on their info to you so you can contact them and set up an appointment.

We will give you a large variety of professionally prepared marketing materials you can use for your business. On top of that, we will cover during your training additional ways for you to market your business. The goal is to build up your business like others have to the point where you don’t need to spend much money on marketing as your business has a steady flow of repeat clients and referrals.

Yes. We have had other operators in this position rather quickly where they add additional trailers to their business to keep up with the demand from their customers. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see how this business has taken off for people much quicker than they ever dreamed it could.

Everyone is different and you have to decide what is important to you.

Here are just some of the advantages that operators have told us that they have found with The BBQ Cleaner opportunity:

  • They get to work from their home
  • They set their own schedule
  • They own a business with little to no competition.
  • They never pay royalties

This is an opportunity that has so many advantages for people that they sometimes say to us that they are sorry that they didn’t find us 20 years sooner!

But again, you have to decide if The BBQ Cleaner opportunity provides advantages that are important to you.

The system has been used since 1994 in 10 countries and 3 continents. It was tested for two years in the United States before it became widely available in 2009. We have seen The BBQ Cleaner opportunity expand rapidly and in the last five years it is being used in over 150 areas across the country.

A great question as sometimes people decide to relocate, retire or just want to do something else. As you own your business, you are free to sell it at any time. Since you control your leads and you own 100% of your business (this isn’t a franchise), when you build up your repeat client base, you could have a very attractive business for someone to buy.