The BBQ Cleaner business has taken off around the US, allowing anyone to become a small business owner, able to set their own working schedule and prices but with the backing of a successful company. We have a high number of requests from California and not enough operatives to fulfil them, meaning you could own a business with virtually no competition!


Three steps is all it takes to join our successful company. You don’t need any previous business experience, as we do the hard part for you, including marketing materials and tools. The BBQ Cleaner is not a franchise, so there are no royalties to pay and you take home all the money you earn – up to $77,000 a year based on just two grills cleaned each day.

The BBQ Cleaner is an established business which has been proven to work, but if you need more persuasion consider these five points:

  • The Golden State stays sunny all year round, so just like our businesses in Florida and Texas, they can thrive at all times of the year.
  • Most families in California have their own grill, and the disposable income to pay someone else to clean it!
  • Virtually no competition as very few other businesses are providing the same service.
  • If the demand for services is high, just hire more to add to your own fleet of cleaners.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning supplies – an important selling point for many potential customers.

“Within four days of running my first advertisement, I was booked up for weeks in advance. This has gone better than I ever dreamed it could. You and your company were just as presented—professional, responsive and more importantly GENIUNE. You did what you said you will do and you’re there for us whenever we need you. We can’t ask for more.”
Steve Koffler – Desert BBQ Cleaning, Palm Desert, CA

We are eager to recruit new business owners from throughout California, especially San Francisco, Palm Springs, San Jose, Fresno, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Monterey and pretty much anywhere else you can think of!