Find out how to find the best cleaning business opportunity for you by reading the FAQs below:

How do I start a successful cleaning business?

Starting a successful cleaning business is a challenge that can be truly rewarding for those looking to be their own boss. Regardless of the niche that you decide to work in, you should understand that a new cleaning business’ success relies on a number of factors including, the competition that you are facing, your ability to manage your time effectively and the quality of your service.

If you are unwilling to put in the time to deliver a good service, then it’s unlikely that your cleaning business will succeed.

Is it worth starting a cleaning business?

A cleaning business is worth starting if you’re a proactive individual, who doesn’t mind putting the necessary hard work in. Depending on the cleaning niche that you decide to work in, you should find that startup costs are relatively low (compared to other turnkey business opportunities[link]), and you won’t need any expensive qualifications or even experience to get started.

The bar for entry into the cleaning business is low, but that doesn’t mean that success will come easy. Consistent, quality work is required to build a reputation and develop your client base.

What is the profit potential of a cleaning business?

The profit potential for any cleaning business depends on a number of factors, including the niche, the local competition and the cost of equipment. In order to maximise profit potential, you must be able to find ways of reducing these costs as much as possible, whilst still being able to offer a reliable, consistently high-quality service that contributes to a positive reputation.

Part of running a profitable cleaning business is developing a system that allows you to conduct your business as efficiently as possible, thus making each job more profitable than the last.

What do you need to know when starting a cleaning business?

When starting your cleaning business you’ll need to know what niche, if any, you will be working in. This is perhaps the most important decision you’ll make regarding your new cleaning business. Whilst it’s possible to expand your cleaning business’ scope at a later date when you first get started it may help narrow your specialism instead of offering general cleaning services.

Specializing in a cleaning niche can help to differentiate you from the bigger competition, and should also make you stand out from the crowd. For example, there may be half a dozen general cleaning business in your neighbourhood, but you could be the only grill-cleaning guy.

What are some specialized cleaning business ideas?

Specialized cleaning business ideas include:

  • Window cleaning – which will require ladders, specialist equipment and a head for heights.

  • Restoration cleaning – which might require training or qualifications for cleaning water, fire or smoke damaged homes.

  • Blind cleaning – specialist equipment can be used to quickly clean blinds, however, this is a task that may be too niche for some.

  • Grill cleaning – requires basic training and a simple set of equipment to get started.

  • Restroom cleaning – some businesses will pay well for specialist cleaning, but the competition in this niche is often very high.

How can I make my cleaning business unique?

Make your cleaning business unique by offering a specialist service, at a fair price, with outstanding results. If you can offer a cleaning service that exceeds the expectations of your clients, then they will happily recommend you to their social circle. There are many cleaning businesses of all types trying to build a reputation, so the best way to stand out is with outstanding service.

What is the best cleaning franchise?

There are dozens of cleaning franchises to choose from, which makes picking ‘the best’ impractical, especially when you consider that they are not ‘one-size-fits-all’ products. Cleaning franchises are best suited to business owners who have a sizeable investment to spend and don’t mind paying monthly fees or commission to franchisors. Whilst the franchise model might be the best option for some, it isn’t the only route to success in the cleaning business world.

How do I start my own cleaning business from scratch?

Starting a cleaning business from scratch allows you to keep all the profits of your hard work, without paying a cent to a franchisor, however, it’s not without its challenges. If you’ve never started a business before, then it’s possible that you may need some guidance to get started especially if you’re new to the niche that you’re working in. Some turnkey business opportunity packages offer training, business plans and all the necessary equipment to get started, without charging ongoing fees. This allows the business owner to essentially start from scratch, and prevents any costly mistakes being made early on.

How do I get my first cleaning client?

Marketing is the only way to get your first cleaning client. Once you’ve found your niche and decided on the area that you’ll cover, you’ll be able to advertise to people in that area. In some respects, marketing is as important as offering a quality service. After all, you could offer the best service in the world, but if no one hears about it, then no one will hire you.

In some cases, first-time business owners may find that getting their first client is the biggest challenge, however, there are proven methods to make this process much easier. Turnkey business opportunities will include marketing materials and strategies to help new cleaning business owner get the ball rolling.

How do I continue to get clients for my cleaning business?

Continuing to get build a client base is necessary for a cleaning business to succeed. Most cleaning businesses get new clients through a mixture of referrals and via marketing. Basic marketing strategies can help cleaning businesses improve their reputation, such as asking for reviews from happy customers, targeting specific locations with marketing materials and using digital marketing to boost your reach. Whilst quality service is always required to keep building on a client base, there are many other ways to expand your new business’ reach.

How do I make my cleaning business successful?

A successful cleaning business will offer a high-quality specialized service that solves a pain point that customer might have (ie. “My grill is dirty, but I don’t want to clean it!”). By offering an invaluable service to a customer, you’ll increase the chance of repeat orders and also referrals, which can then lead to more repeat orders and further expansion. Don’t forget that your marketing and business strategy is just as important to your business’ success as your cleaning skills. A successful cleaning business will be built on a proven business plan that gives you the best foot forward when starting up.

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