Fred Chase

I grew up in Northern California and moved to Las Vegas after high school. I was doing various jobs for years here but I’ve always been attracted to owning my own business. I was always impressed with people who owned their own business.

fred-chaseI got started with The BBQ Cleaner in 2013 and haven’t looked back since. It’s been a phenomenal experience since we opened the doors.

In just two years, I have 620 clients and my business grows even more every single month. I’ve even had a wait for clients to get an appointment with me over a month.    It’s been incredible.

One of my recent clients was speaking with me about my business and when I was telling her about the high level of success we have reached in just two years she said “say hello to your next investor!” That’s definitely something I will explore as we continue to grow our business in the many years ahead.

I have an impressive list of celebrity clients that I service regularly as well. From Celine Dion to Senators to Sports Icons, I’ve had the opportunity to service some amazing people in just two years!

I never imagined my dreams could come true to the level it has with The BBQ Cleaner.

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  • Jimmie Durrant

    I’m looking into this business. I can see the benefits if you can get the customers. I know word of mouth is gold. I love to grill as much as anybody and keeping a clean grill is a plus. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet but I love the benifits I see from this business. Hope you continue with your successful business.