Here’s an add-on business to add-on profits!!

The BBQ Cleaner business will give you a competitive advantage in a competitive world.

You could add our business opportunity to your existing business and ramp up your profits.

With prospective customers looking for that ‘something extra’ or ‘added value’, we think we’ve got a business proposition you’ll find difficult to pass up!

When you consider that almost every home in the US owns a BBQ or BBQ Grill, the marketplace for this business opportunity is massive. Not just for now but also into the future with over 16 million new grills being shipped every year in the US.

We think that the BBQ Cleaner will bolt-on to, but not limited to, your

  • Carpet Cleaning Business
  • Duct Cleaning Business
  • Pool Cleaning Business
  • Home Cleaning Business

The possibilities are almost endless…………

We also know through experience that customers love to grill BUT also ‘hate to clean’!

What an opportunity!

And here’s the best bit……..you could add an extra $77,000 in sales PER YEAR by cleaning just 2 grills a day…….now that’s got to be worth finding out. So book a FREE CONSULTATION.

Offering an extra service to your existing customer base will give you a distinct advantage……adding a Grill Cleaning Service could break the hearts of your competitors. You’ll be offering something they don’t…..
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