A Sizzling Business Opportunity!

Have you only dreamed of owning your own cleaning business with little to no competition? If so, then we think we have an opportunity here that could turn those dreams into reality.

Unique service, little competition

Everyone knows grills get extremely greasy and dirty – but hardly anyone wants to clean them. Yet until now, there haven’t been many places for grill owners to turn to. We’ll show you how to turn that need into an opportunity for you!

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Repeat business you can count on

Barbeque cleaning isn’t like paving or siding, which happens once every ten years or so. Instead, your customers will keep coming back every year. That helps you build a strong customer base, and helps reduce your marketing expenses, too.

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It's your business. Run it your way.

The BBQ Cleaner is not a franchise. We’ll give you a full set of instructions, but you get to operate it your way. You determine the pricing. You set your own hours. Do it full-time or part-time, as a dedicated business or as part of other services you offer. You’re in charge.

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Easy to set up. Easy to run.

The BBQ Cleaner system gives you all the tools, training, supplies and knowledge you need to start a successful business. The easy-to-follow Operations and Startup Guide shows you, step by step, how to start up your business, then market, operate and grow it into a successful company.

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We've been doing this here for almost five years now and never in a million years thought it would take off as it has for us. The BBQ Cleaner gave us absolutely everything we needed. We basically followed their guidance and advice and here we are now in a position we couldn't have eve...

Kevin Chavez
- Acme Grill Cleaning, Phoenix, AZ

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"This has been totally unbelievable for me and my family. I thought my expectations might be too high when I started, but it wasn't long until I surpassed them. I could only have dreamed of having this many happy satisfied clients that use me over and over again. They refer me to frie...

Bart Thomson
- Bart's Grill Cleaning, Cherry Hill, NJ

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You guys really made a dream come true. I always wanted in the worst way to own my own business. You made it a reality. Not only that, I have never been happier. I get spend time with my kids by setting my own schedule. This has exceeded every expectation I had for it....

Karl Bork
- Miami BBQ Cleaning, Pembroke Pines, FL

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